One Billion Internet Users Can't Be Wrong!

Every day, approximately one billion internet users rely on Google to find products, services, and information on the web. And as this number continues to grow, traditional print advertising becomes less and less effective. To understand this critical business implication, when was the last time you opened the thick and cumbersome yellow pages directory to search for something you needed? How long did it take to find what you were looking for? Once you found the product or service, were you able to discover everything you wanted to know about it, and if desired, purchase immediately using a credit card? The internet has totally transformed the way we do business. And businesses that embrace this wonderful new technology are leaving their competition behind as they grow.

Newspapers are dying at record rates and will continue to do so. With their demise is the end of the print ad as we know it. This however is good news for you! Why you ask? Because now you can take the money you formerly spent on those ads, which in many cases were ineffective, and move it to effective and trackable Google ads. But you must act on this now before your competition does! You can't imagine being in business without a website and email, and soon you will realize you can't imagine not have the ability to do Google advertising.

In about one second, a Google search delivers pages of solutions based on keywords. It's no wonder one billion people have chosen this service as their primary research tool.

For more than a decade, I have utilized my skills building websites, managing content, usability, and email marketing programs. But upon discovering the strength of Google's success in online marketing, I have transitioned my career to become a Google Adword evangelist. Today, my focus is helping companies increase their online presence and prominence with strategic, yet affordable marketing.

You may have the best product or service on the market, and even an inviting, user-friendly website. But if you leave search engine ranking to chance, you may also unknowingly be driving traffic to your competitor's website. In today's financially-strapped economy, that's a crucial mistake one can not afford to make!

Having Google Adwords capability is a no brainer! It can be run from any office, on any computer, changed any time, any budget, and maintained in house by any office person, once it is set up. It is now becoming as fundamental as email. Can you afford not to use it?

Give me 30 minutes of your time and I will show you an affordable solution to implementing the powerful marketing tool of the Google Adword program.

Get Googled!

Billy Barton
Google Adwords Marketing Consultant